Saturday, 25 January 2014

Super Battle - Classic Rock Paper Scissor game coming soon - stay tuned!

After a few months hard work, our team have create an Apps : Super Battle - Classic Rock Paper Scissor game
Rock, Paper and Scissor is a classic game of childhood.
BUT in this edition, Classic RPS (Rock, Paper and Scissor) take to a new era!!

The Amazing UI, Cute Character and the beautiful background music. 
This game in Role Playing method, you are allowed to choose your favorites character and battle others! Before that, you have to defeat the other Cute Character.
Simple and addictive games play experience not only for your kids. 
Below are some of the screenshots of the game.

STAY TUNED!!!It will be on App store for download very soon. 
Please follow this page and we will let everyone know once it is available in App Store.

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